At IronHeart Records, we start fires.

We discover, nurture and develop fiercely creative artists - those brave and brilliant souls who have a song to sing and a voice that the world needs to hear.

Founder Barrett Yeretsian is a bonafide firestarter. Having sold over 8,000,000 songs worldwide, his songs have close to half a billion views on youtube. "To me, great artists have a beautiful, unique DNA waiting to be unraveled and every song is a hero's journey."

Barrett's breakout came with “Jar of Hearts,” the career-making single he co-penned and produced for Christina Perri. The ballad flew to #1 at iTunes landing Perri a major label deal. It has since sold over 6 million copies worldwide.

His subsequent successes include the #1 U.K. hit “Jealous of the Angels,” that turned Jenn Bostic into a sensation throughout the British Isles; “Not Yet,” also with Bostic, a U.K. #5; and compositions for Andy Grammer, Rachel Platten, Daniel Powter, Pentatonix, Chris Wallace, Juliette Simms and Diane Birch, among other artists.

"Our passion is to find the hidden gem - the bold, driven creator who has something to say and a story to tell. It all starts with the songs. Everything follows the songs." 

"Once the songs are written and produced, our team guides our artists. We help them with branding, strategy, producing compelling digital content to build online awareness and utilizing our deep relationships within the music industry to put them in the best possible position to succeed. In short, we're the record label between where our artists are now and the major record labels."

At IronHeart Records, we're always looking to discover new artists. To submit your music, email us a link to your music on our contact page.