Who We Are Isn't Who We Will Become

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Artist empowerment.

Who we are isn't who we will become.

We have the power to create our future.

We have a choice.

This blog is for the artist who can't put her guitar down because music flows like blood through her veins; for the singer who is deeply compelled to share her struggles, her triumphs, her love story and her heartbreak; and for all of the dreamers and fierce creators out there who are striving for greatness despite feeling insecure, out of place and misunderstood.

The artist's path is often hidden behind veils of thick fog. We march forward, grasping at something so far in the distance only to step into a thicker, icier mist.

Time and time again, it feels like we take five steps in one direction, two steps to the side, and another few steps to the side, only to end up back where we started.

The world doesn't need more artists.

The world needs more empowered artists.

Artist empowerment is our mission, a goal that we can only achieve together.

I hope this blog will be your trusted companion along this beautiful journey, like a friend who's been there, done that and has come back to give back, to shine the light through the icy mist...to empower you.