The Cracks, the Bruises and the Scars

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An artist's vulnerability is the source of her power.

Show us who you are.

Better yet, show us who you really are.

It's the cracks, the bruises and the scars that will attract us to you - the real you.

Perfection is an illusion, it doesn't exists.

In a world where everyone is trying so hard to hide their insecurities and their imperfections, we're all hungry for something real.

When a lyric is real, when it comes from a place of truth, we stop and notice because it is so rare. When a vocal strains at just the right time, ever so slightly out of tune, we connect. Those are the voices, lyrics and melodies that hit us like bolts of lightning piercing straight through our hearts.

When you listen to fabricated, predictable pop music, the kind that's so often heard on the radio these days, you can tell it was created by great craftspeople, those who excel at churning out music that fits a formula.

And there's nothing wrong with that, it is what it is.

But if you want longevity and if you want your music to make a real difference in people's lives, show us your true colors.

We want to see the deep crimson reds, the dark blues, the charcoal greys, the lavenders and every shade of white.

When you stop trying to be perfect and instead tell the real story behind it all, you're more than halfway there.

Your art should reveal the real you, the perfectly imperfect you, the one in 7 billion you - that's what we're thirsty for.