A Beautiful Synergy - Great Taste and Technical Skill

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Technical skill can be taught.

Great taste is nearly impossible to teach.

The ability to play 1000 notes on a piano in one minute is very different than the ability to know which notes to play.

Craft is the ability, the technical skill required to execute on an instrument - your voice, your pen, a guitar or a piano.

Craft can be taught, you put in the hours and you develop the skills.

Taste is like wisdom, the ability to know when something is right, when something is wrong, when something is mediocre and when something is great.

Great taste is mysterious, the magic ingredient that separates a great artist from a great craftsman.

There are many artists out there who are great at the technical aspects of writing a song and performing it on an instrument and yet they fail to create anything that resonates deeply with anyone outside of themselves.

The ability to write words using flowery language is very different than knowing which words are the most powerful, convey the most meaning and will resonate on the deepest level with your audience.

Great taste is more important than pure technical skill in any artistic endeavor because great taste is so rare.

That said, you need both because great taste without technical skill is like having the best car in the world without gasoline.

An empowered artist has both great taste and develops the ability to execute great ideas on her instrument(s) of choice - her guitar, her voice and her pen.