Fear is the Dragon, Faith is Your Sword

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There is no creativity without an epic battle, a battle that takes place inside of you.

The enemy is fear, a relentless dragon whose sole aim is to keep you from taking action to create something new.

Like a shadow that follows you wherever you may go, the dragon that is fear will never fully go away.

Every time we choose to create, we're stepping into a dark room with a dragon.

Each time we choose to step in and fight, we grow a bit stronger, a bit more confident.

Every time we slay the dragon that is our fear, we open a door.

Each time we overcome our fear, fear's grip on us grows that much weaker.

So we must learn to deal with fear, to make ourselves so strong and our swords so sharp that the dragon stands no chance.

Eventually, what was once a 30-foot ferocious dragon shrinks to the size of a small dog, merely a nuisance that we must walk past to get to the other side.

The first step is cultivating our faith in ourselves, our journey and our ability to face the dragon.

You must first convince yourself that creative freedom lies on the other side of your fear and choose to step into the dark room.

You must first choose to fight.

The second step is actually taking action.

To conquer fear, you must step into the dark room, look the dragon in the eye and swing your sword.

The more we face fear, the less power fear has over us.



Creative freedom is yours.