Become a Laser Beam

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Narrow your focus, concentrate your power.

We're talking single-minded, tunnel vision.

If you're working to be a singer/songwriter, a veterinarian, a dancer and a TV Host, there's a good chance you'll excel at none of the above.

When you focus on multiple dreams, you're like a lamp that shoots off a dull, warm light in all directions, but the light doesn't travel far.

Now imagine yourself a powerful laser beam, your attention and energy concentrated toward a single point off in the distance.

You will travel very far, very fast.

The artist's path isn't for everyone and it takes a different level of focus, persistence and tenacity.

When you wake up each morning and you know exactly what you're trying to achieve, you exude a sense of calm because you know exactly where you're going.

Then you get to work, day in, day out, and many months later, you just might find that you've arrived at your goal.

The shortest path to success is extraordinary focus.

Become a laser beam because your greatest dream deserves your complete focus