Confidence Vs. Ego

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Confidence is earned - ego is imaginary.

Confidence comes from a true belief in yourself - ego comes from pretending you're something that you know you aren't.

Confident people admit their mistakes - egotistical people need to always be right.

Confident people are internally motivated - egotistical people require constant external validation.

Confident people seek to work with people who are at better than they are - egotistical people need to constantly be "in charge" and usually work with people who are less skilled than they are.

Confident people share success - egotistical people try to take all of the credit.

Confident people are usually the strong, silent type - egotistical people need to be the center of attention.

Confident people don't need to put others down to feel good about themselves - egotistical people spend more time criticizing others rather than working on themselves.

Confident people accept responsibility for whatever happens, good or bad - egotistical people are victims, always blaming others for when things don't go their way.