Self-Knowledge: An Artist's Secret Weapon

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The ability to honestly look at yourself and your abilities is critical to artist empowerment.

At one extreme are artists who live under a veil of delusion, where a false sense of self-worth and ego color their every thought.

At the other extreme are artists who live under a heavy, dark cloud of self-doubt, unaware of their many talents and their limitless potential.

An artist with self-knowledge knows that nothing is set in stone - with self-awareness and hard work, any weaknesses can be improved upon and broken bones will always heal stronger than they were before breaking.

When an artist can look at herself honestly, truly seeing her strengths, her weaknesses and the enormous potential that exists within her, she is well on her way to empowerment.

This requires heightened self-awareness, the ability to see yourself exactly as you are, above your moment-to-moment existence, your fears, your ego and your self-doubt.

While others can be helpful in making us aware of our strengths and weaknesses, it's ultimately an inside job.

Only you can determine whether or not you will actualize your true potential and the moment you decide to work on seeing yourself exactly as you are, your life and career will change in ways you could have never imagined.