The Right Kind of Hustle

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There's a right way to hustle and a wrong way to hustle.

We've all known an artist who hustles in the wrong way:

The egomaniac name dropper who's trying way too hard.

The shallow narcissist constantly seeking external validation.

The selfish self-promoter who only cares about what he has to gain in any given situation.

The poser on social media who's desperately trying to align himself with successful people hoping that some of their sparkle will rub off on him.

What these people don't realize is that they're totally transparent - everyone recognizes and is turned off by someone who's selfish, desperate and trying too hard.

Then there's the right way to hustle:

Create something so resonant and powerful that people will be compelled to share it with everyone they know.

Cultivate deep friendships, don't make "connections."

Be genuinely interested in other people's success and help others accomplish their dreams.

Work equally hard on your art as you do on finding your audience.

Follow your dream passionately, relentlessly.