The Myth of Perfect Timing

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Perfect timing doesn't exist.

Jump in. Get moving.

It's one foot in front of the other.

With each step you take, your next step will be revealed.

Many artists wait for perfect timing, for everything to be stacked in their favor - but this never happens.

It's by creating, experimenting, failing and learning that you'll pave your road to success.

Typically, when creating a work of art, you don't start out knowing exactly what you'll create.

The process of creating reveals what comes next and in time, a beautiful work of art emerges. 

More often than not, the resulting work of art bears little resemblance to what you started out thinking you would create.

It's up to you to bring your passion, energy, creativity and your soul's fire to every moment and each moment will light the way to the next moment.

Timing will never be perfect - start now, where you are.