Ambition: A Blessing or a Curse?

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Ambition is a powerful force, a force that can either work to lift you up or tear you down.

Having a clear idea of what we want to achieve in addition to an intense desire for achieving it are critical to artist empowerment.

But left unchecked, the thing that fuels you can also burn you.

When consumed by ambition, desire and passion, your self-worth becomes defined by how close you are to that which you seek and when your sense of self worth depends on your level of success or how well your art is received, you give away your power.

On the road to artist empowerment, you will have setbacks and your plans won't always materialize.

Often, something you put your heart and soul into for years won't be received as well as you hoped.

When left unchecked, passion and ambition can crush your spirit.

That's why the fires of your passion and ambition have to be grounded in a cool-headed, intelligent and strategic mindset.

An empowered artist balances a healthy sense of ambition with an intelligent, long-term perspective and never ties her self-worth to how well her art is received or any other external measure of success.