Find the Warrior Within

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An empowered artist is a warrior fighting on multiple battlefields each and every day.

The most important battle is the one that takes place inside her mind and her heart.

Every day, the empowered artist chooses to stand up and fight against the inner demons of crippling fear and self-doubt.

The warrior is no less afraid than everyone else - the warrior chooses to act despite her fear.

The second battle of the empowered artist is the constant, daily struggle of pushing up against her own limits, striving to improve and grow each and every day.

There's no growth without struggle, without pain.

The artist's next battle is the epic journey of trying to find her place in the world, a world that values financial gain and status above all else.

The empowered artist isn't discouraged by pointless comparisons and the opinions of those who would never dare to follow their dreams.

The empowered artist is a warrior who knows her demons and her enemies all too well and chooses to step onto the battlefield each and every single day on her quest to slay the dragon - to live the life of her dreams.