And Now, It's time To Ignite

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There's a fire inside you, a burning desire to become all that you know you're capable of becoming.

Some days, with very little effort, your fire will burn so fiercely that you'll be motivated to take massive action toward your dreams.

On other days, your fire will be a small matchstick flame barely staying ablaze.

What you choose to do on hard days like these will determine whether or not you actualize your potential.

Will you simply sit around waiting for motivation to strike or will you throw every piece of wood you can find onto that small flame and create the inferno yourself?

Motivation is an intentional choice that an empowered artist makes every single day.

To become motivated, first re-connect with why you want what you want by realigning with your purpose - feel it in your heart and in your bones.

When you connect with the purpose behind your dreams, you'll start to ignite and this will put you in an action-oriented mindset.

It becomes as simple as taking the first small step.

The first step leads to the second which leads to the third and so on.

Within ten minutes, you'll find yourself motivated.

As you can see, motivation isn't an emotion that comes to you, it's a choice you make, a state that you will yourself into day in, day out.

And now, it's time to ignite.