Own Your Power

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What defines a great artist?

Is it how many Instagram "followers" she has?

Is it how many "likes" her posts get?

A true artist is a fierce creator who has something powerful, original, and authentic to offer the world.

A true artist creates art for the sake of creating.

A true artist isn't chasing fame and defining herself by how many "likes" or "followers" she has.

A true artist isn't desperate for validation from strangers.

When an artist seeks validation and derives her self-worth from outside sources, she gives away her power.

Are you waking up every morning with a plan for mastering your craft and relentlessly writing, re-writing and purposefully striving to create something unique, original and authentic?

Or are you waking up every morning worrying about how many "likes" your post received and how many new "followers" you gained or lost?

Immerse yourself in your art.

Immerse yourself in your craft.

Instead of being obsessed with how much recognition you're receiving from strangers on social media, be obsessed with the incremental day-to-day improvement necessary along the path to achieving greatness.

While building your fan base is and will always be a crucial activity throughout your career, your "likes" and "followers" are completely meaningless until you have something powerful, original and authentic to offer the world.

This is for all of those true artists who have something to say, who are brave enough to write a song, share their song and keep marching on along the beautiful path toward greatness.

A million followers on social media isn't the goal - greatness is the goal.

You know greatness when you see it and when you hear it.

Don't give your power away.

Own your power.

Greatness awaits.