Our Creative Potential is Limitless

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Like our ever-expanding universe, our capacity to create something new, something real, and something bigger than ourselves is truly limitless.

We can grow and improve our creative capacity by living our lives to the fullest, by feeling the full spectrum of our emotions.

And we can bring it all together to create something new, something powerful, something authentic.

Every one of us has a universe of creativity inside of us.

We're all born with a fearless, active imagination.

We're all born with an unquenchable desire to create.

As we get older, self-doubt, limiting beliefs and many of society's implied and stated expectations stand in the way of our truest expression of ourselves.

When you give in to fear, self-doubt or any other limiting belief, you're killing creativity.

When you let someone else's beliefs and expectations influence your art, you're killing creativity.

When you try to be someone else, you're killing creativity.

There is no one else on earth who has felt love exactly as you have, who has felt the bitter sting of heartbreak like you have, who sees the world through your eyes, and who dreams your dreams.

Your experiences are the stardust that will converge to become your creative constellations.

Through your art, people will see the world through your eyes and they will see the universe in your eyes.

Your song is your story and your story is your song.

There is truly no limit to our creative potential other than those that we impose upon ourselves.

When we are fearless in our art, we become limitless.