Creative Block Doesn't Exist

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You're trying too hard.

You're overthinking.

Your work habits are no longer serving you.

You feel creatively trapped.

Not only are these all very normal feelings that come with any creative endeavor, these are the very conditions that have to be present for an artist to thrive creatively.

If an artist feels no tension while creating, the work of art usually falls flat.

A great work of art is born out an epic creative struggle.

Trying too hard and overthinking means that you care.

Your habits need to constantly be revisited and upgraded as your creative life progresses.

Feeling creatively trapped comes from being stuck inside a box, confined to one way of seeing a creative problem.

There's no such thing as "creative block," a condition that is out of your control, that arbitrarily comes upon you, that you're powerless against.

You have complete control over your creative destiny.

When feeling the tension inherent in any creative process, it helps to reframe the emotion, to think of these feeling as a necessary part of the journey.

Creative block doesn't exist.

To get inspired, get out there.

To stay inspired, constantly expose yourself to all kinds of great art.

Capture your emotions.

Capture your creative ideas.

Don't expect your first draft to be your masterpiece.

Work at it until it's right.

You have power over your creative process and nothing and no one can take that away from you.

Great art, like a great artist, is forged in the fire.