Wildflowers and Broken Concrete

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Mozart, Picasso and the Beatles weren't born artistic geniuses and they weren't born into perfect circumstances.

They, like all of us, had the potential to become brilliant and they chose, unlike most, to do the things necessary to become brilliant.

They practiced, nonstop, for years.

They took constructive criticism and they improved, every single day.

They followed the guidance of those who knew more than them.

They chose to face their fears and fought to break through them.

If their circumstances weren't perfect, they didn't sit around and wish for them to be better.

They worked tirelessly to create better circumstances for themselves.

Even if they didn't feel like creating, they willed themselves to continually create.

They collaborated.

They kept growing.

They persevered through failure after failure, fighting their way to the top.

There are seeds of greatness in every artist.

You have more potential in you than you could ever know.

Regardless of where you come from and where you are, shoot for the sky because wildflowers rise out of broken concrete.