Trust Is the Gasoline That Ignites Creative Collaboration

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Trust is everything.

It's the gasoline that ignites any creative collaboration.

And it all starts with trusting yourself.

Trusting yourself doesn't mean that you think you have all of the answers, it means that you believe in yourself and your vision.

It means that you're guided by your inner voice.

Given the fact that nothing great is achieved alone, you need collaborators and partners who will help take you there.

When you trust yourself, others trust you.

When you trust yourself, you're able to trust others.

This isn't about blindly trusting everyone, it's about developing trust with the right people and maintaining integrity in all of your collaborations and dealings.

Trusting yourself means knowing that you don't know everything and letting other people help you.

Trusting yourself means that you're confident enough to let other people bring their best when they collaborate with you.

And where there's mutual trust, there's no limit to what can be achieved.

That said, trust is very fragile, like a delicate sheet of ice that's strong enough to hold up a skyscraper, but even the smallest hairline crack will shatter it into a million pieces, bringing the skyscraper down with it.

It's very difficult to pick up the shattered pieces of broken trust.

Protect it, guard it like there's no tomorrow because where there's no trust, there's nothing.