Actions, Reactions and Destiny

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One can never underestimate the power of a single decision to alter the course of one's life, for better or worse.

This is why it's critical for an artist to be a well-rounded individual, one who's capable of making good, wise decisions.

While having a manager and a label can definitely relieve the artist of some of the pressure that comes with the business side of a career in art, an artist must still possess a baseline level of intuition, wisdom and good judgement to reach her potential.

One thing's certain about an artist's career: there will be storms.

There'll be moments when the level of stress is off the charts, when nothing seems to be going your way and when you've lost perspective...those are the moments that reveal what you're made of.

Perfect moments don't reveal who we are, storms do.

How one responds to a stressful situation reveals what they're capable of and where they're going.

Ultimately, your reactions are under your control and they uncover much more about you than anything you could ever say.

Your reactions cause your actions which determine your destiny.

You could be the most talented artist on earth but if you aren't well-rounded and capable of making wise decisions, none of it matters because no one will want to work with you.

The ability to attract and align yourself with the right partner could be the difference between singing cover songs in your bedroom and performing your own chart-topping hits in sold-out stadiums worldwide.




Choose wisely.