On Mastery

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To become an empowered artist, you have to focus a great deal of your time and effort on mastery.

Contrary to popular belief, mastery doesn't require school or formal education.

For many artists, school can be a great path toward mastery but for others, it isn't necessary.

I, for one, have no formal education in music, but I have studied.

And I continue to study.

Any artist who's achieved any level of greatness has done so through mastering a specific set of skills, those skills that are critical to their domain...and they continue to learn and grow.

They've worked tirelessly to sharpen their skills and to smooth over their rough edges, incrementally adding to their existing skills.

Mastery is achieved by challenging yourself to go a bit farther outside your comfort zone each and every day, stretching your abilities by shooting for goals just outside your reach.

And the path toward mastery never ends because there's always more to learn.

You take it one day at a time, one skill at a time, and you never stop.

Always remember, your talent and your abilities aren't set in stone and the only limits that exist are those that we impose upon ourselves.

The path to greatness is through mastery.

When you see an artist who can sing beautifully, who can perform almost effortlessly on multiple instruments, who co-writes her own songs and who has something meaningful to say, that's an artist who has been on the path toward mastery for a long time and the results prove it.

Fame isn't the goal.

Fortune isn't the goal.

Mastery is the goal.

Everything else follows.