What's Your Story?

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Our lives are the result of our narratives, strings of connected stories that we tell ourselves.

These stories have the power to build us or break us.

In our minds and in our hearts, there are battlefields, villains and heroes.

We can choose to see ourselves as victims or as victors.

Our story determines how we see the world and how we interpret what happens around us.

When one sees oneself as a victim, she feels powerless, as if she has no power to influence the outcome.

When one feels like a victor, she feels like she has the power to affect the outcome, to improve and to ultimately succeed.

A victim is one upon whom the world acts and a victor is one who acts upon the world.

A victim waits for something, or someone, to come and make her life a success.

A victor goes out into the world and acts upon it, creating her own success.

As an artist, what story do you tell yourself?

Do you sit around and wait for inspiration to strike or are you a curious explorer, ready to take risks and willing to go out and find inspiration?

Are you working hard, each and every day, doing what it takes to succeed or are you waiting to be "discovered" so that someone else can do all the work for you?

Victims blame, complain and feel powerless.

Victors take responsibility, do the work and feel powerful.

We can see the world as an abundant, fertile playground for our creativity.

Or we can feel creatively trapped, envious and limited.

We can see a setback as a part of the journey, something that shows us the right path.

Or we can see the same setback as proof that we're not good enough, evidence that we should quit.

Change your narrative and you'll be transformed.

Change your story, change your life.