Brick Walls Are Hidden Passageways

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An artist's career is littered with obstacles, real or imagined, to test an artist's commitment.

An obstacle is simply a test to determine if you want it enough, if you're willing to do what it takes to get through it.

Obstacles are also our best teachers.

No book, advice or planning can match the level of wisdom one gains by jumping in the fire.

Once you overcome an obstacle, you take what you learned with you moving forward, wisdom you couldn't have gained had you not encountered that obstacle.

Viewed this way, an obstacle is a gift that keeps on giving.

You can't become a great songwriter without going through the exhilarating yet tedious process of writing countless songs.

As much as many would like to think that great songs are written in brilliant flashes of inspiration, writing a great song is hard work.

You will hit brick walls.

Your chorus melody may come quickly but finding that perfect lyric to end it might take 5 hours.

And those 5 hours will test your patience and your resolve.

Brick walls reveal the path - sometimes you have to break through them, sometimes you have to walk around them and sometimes you have to climb over them.

Brick walls are hidden passageways - when you come out the other side, you'll be transformed.