Art For Art's Sake

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Through the process of creating art, the artist is transformed.

Who we are before we create a piece of art isn't who we will become once it's created.

That transformation makes the process of creating art worthwhile, regardless of whether or not anyone else likes our work.

This transformative power of creation is a form of meditation for the artist.

It's a catalyst for personal and creative growth which changes the very essence of the artist.

Yet most artists want to create art not only for their own benefit but for others as well.

In short, most artists want to make a career out of their art.

In these cases, resonance becomes very important.

The power of a work of art, it's resonance, lies in its artistic truth and the possibility of that truth connecting with people.

Is this authentic?

Does it convey a real emotion or point of view?

Does it make the viewer/listener feel something real?

And finally, is this work of art likely to resonate and connect deeply with a large group of people?

A work of art that has artistic truth and resonance is the treasure at the end of the rainbow.

There's no such thing as "selling out" unless that means creating art that lacks artistic truth which usually doesn't resonate anyway.

When a work of art with artistic truth resonates with a large group of people, you have a hit on your hands...and from that moment on, your life will never be the same.

For some, it takes many years of discovery, trial and error to find it and for others, partnering with the right people who have created such resonant and authentic art can help them get there in much less time.

Every artist has her own path, her own truth.

No two artists are the same.

In fact, no artist is the same from one day to the next.

What remains the same from one day to the next is a powerful, resonant, authentic and artistically true work of art that means something to people, including the artist herself.