How a Hollow Song Finds Its Soul

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There's a reason why most resonant and transcendent songs are written by more than one songwriter - because songs become great by being challenged, tested and refined.

Often, when writing a song alone, a songwriter either over-challenges her ideas, making it impossible to make creative decisions, or she under-challenges her ideas, falling in love with the first idea she comes up with.

Having more than one creative mind working on a song is often the key to getting over both decision paralysis and over-confidence.

Great songs are chiseled, polished, crafted and perfected.

Like a river rock that achieves its perfectly smooth form through constant friction with flowing water, creative tension is the spark that ignites transcendent art.

It's often the push and pull between great creative minds in a healthy creative environment that brings about the best songs.

Mutual trust, openness, goodwill, faith and leaving egos at the door are the keys to a healthy creative environment.

A hollow song will find its soul through the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Embrace the creative tension and your songs will inevitably transcend to another level.