Focus On What You Can Control

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Here's what an artist can control:

Her growth.

The level of passion she injects into her work.

Her vision.

Her level of commitment to her vision.

The quality of her relationships.

Her level of perseverance.

Her ability to course-correct based on feedback.

The amount of effort she puts in each and every day.

Who she chooses to collaborate with.

How she responds to inevitable setbacks.

Here's what an artist cannot control:

How people will respond to her art.

Whether a label chooses to sign her or not.

Whether her song will sell one hundred copies or ten million.

The direction the music industry is moving in.

Whether the music supervisor of the TV show chooses to use her song.

What anyone other than her will choose to do at any given moment.

Here's the secret: if you work hard enough on all of the things that you can control, you will indirectly control and achieve those outcomes that you previously had no control over.

Focus on what you can control