The Courage To Believe in Things Not Yet Seen

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Most people take the path well travelled, the path of least resistance.

While it takes tremendous dedication, determination and hard work to become a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer or a real estate agent, 99% of the path is laid out before you: do X, Y and Z well enough relative to everyone else and you will achieve your desired outcome.

An artist's path is a path far less travelled, far less certain.

By its very nature, choosing a career as an artist involves stepping off of the main road and blazing your own trail.

It's an adventure that requires tremendous vision, unwavering faith and relentless action.

When you're striving toward something that only you can see in your mind, something that hasn't yet manifested itself in the real world, a clear vision for your future is critical.

And if that isn't hard enough, the ability to adapt to the rugged terrain and adjust your vision as needed along the way is equally important.

While it's always harder to blaze your own trail, the reward for successfully taking the leap and choosing to do what you love to do for a living is a thousand times more gratifying than anything you could have ever wished for.

An artist sees and believes in things not yet seen and this is as true in her art as it is in her career.