Your Future is Yet to Be Written

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Your future is yet to be written.

When you step outside your day to day life and think deeply about what that statement truly means, it's very hard to not feel a tremendous sense of freedom and endless possibility.

As an artist, when you realize that your future will be exactly what you make it, you'll begin to recognize the power that you wield.

By deciding what you will do at this very moment, you decide what your future will look like.

You always have a choice. 

The power to write your future is in your hands, and your hands only.

Anything and everything else is an excuse.

Will you let your fears hold you back or will you get to work on building yourself, improving and becoming best artist you can possibly become?

The past is ancient history.

It no longer exists.

It's gone.

The only thing that matters is what story you choose to believe at this moment which will determine what you will do today which will ultimately create your future.