How To Make 2017 Your Year

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1) Decide to become the person you know you're capable of becoming.
2) Set concrete goals - write them down and revisit them daily.
3) Take control of your thoughts by replacing all negative and self-limiting thoughts with empowering ones.
4) Be grateful for all that you already have.
5) Cultivate positive habits that'll lead you to your dreams and let go of any negative ones.
6) Surround yourself with encouraging people who want only the best for you.
7) Grow, improve and increase your capabilities each and every day.
8) Compete only with yourself because that's the only person you're in competition with.
9) Choose to act despite fear.
10) Create. Create. Create.
11) Embrace challenges, obstacles and failure - they're signs that show that you're in the game and they'll show you the way forward.

Consistently do these 11 things and 2017 will be yours.