The Most Dangerous Thing An Artist Can Do

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You might think that playing it safe is the least risky thing an artist can do.

The opposite is actually true - playing it safe is the most dangerous thing an artist can do.

Playing it safe means that you aren't creating anything new - you're trying to recreate what's already been done.

Playing it safe means giving your creative power away to those who encourage you to play it safe.

Playing it safe means trying to fit yourself into a mold.

Playing it safe means creating uninspired, unremarkable art that lacks passion, truth and authenticity.

When a true artist hears someone say, "Your music doesn't sound like what's on the radio," she doesn't get discouraged, she gets inspired.

A true artist takes artistic risks.

A true artist doesn't water down her art to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

A true artist stands for something that's true to herself and stands behind her convictions.

A true artist makes real art and doesn't apologize for it.

The most dangerous thing an artist can do is to play it safe.

So empower yourself by being yourself and taking all of the creative risks that come with being true to who you are, unapologetically.