Art That Stands the Test of Time

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Although not all works of art are easily categorized, there are three main categories.

First, there's art that's created solely for art's sake - the process of creating itself is enough to make the artist feel alive, creative and successful.

Second, there's art crafted solely for the purpose of making money - these are the typical Top 40 songs that are here today, gone tomorrow, those crafted by great craftsmen who use an almost mathematical, formulaic approach to writing songs.

And finally, there's art that's so authentic, powerful and well-crafted that it not only feels real, it also resonates with tens of millions of people.

The third category is the sweet spot - timeless art.

These works of art hit your heart like bolts of lightening.

They feel so real and yet they're perfectly crafted.

They feel so personal and yet they're so universal.

They feel so raw and yet they're so polished.

They come from real emotions which are then crafted and polished to the point of becoming undeniable.

Every artist has her reasons - some make art simply to make art while others make art only to make money.

And then there's the third category, artists who want to create timeless works of art that are so real and so powerful that they end up resonating with millions of people resulting in tremendous success for the artist.

The secret to the third category is to always start from something real and raw and then refine it to perfection - that's where you'll find the sweet spot.