The 7 Myths of Artist Empowerment

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MYTH #1: Once I get discovered by a label or a manager, I've made it.

REALITY: Once you get discovered, the real work begins.

MYTH #2: I can do it by myself.

REALITY: Nothing great is ever achieved alone - you'll need great collaborators, mentors and partners who will add tremendous value to your career and help you along your journey.

MYTH #3: My success depends on events and people outside of my control.

REALITY: While success is a team effort and outside factors will play an important role, ultimately, it's your responsibility to grow, to learn, to course-correct and to take massive action toward making your dream a reality.

MYTH #4: My history determines my future.

REALITY: Where you are today is a result of what you did (or didn't do) in the past - your future depends on what you do from this moment on, not your past.

MYTH #5: The fear-based limiting beliefs and stories that I tell myself are true.

REALITY: Your fear-based limiting beliefs are almost always lies and you have more potential in you than you could ever imagine.

MYTH #6: The way to become a successful artist is to create art that emulates popular mainstream art.

REALITY: By emulating popular mainstream art, at best, you'll become a flash-in-the-pan artist, one who's here today, gone tomorrow. Creating art that's real, authentic, powerful and resonant is the only way to become an artist with longevity.

MYTH #7: My only job as an artist is to create and to perform - the rest is up to other people.

REALITY: Your job as an artist is not only to become the best artist and performer you can but also to find, nurture and build your audience.