Finding Your Tribe By Being Yourself

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As an artist, when you're authentic and true to yourself, your energy will attract your tribe.

Your tribe is the group of people with whom your unique point of view, your message, your sound and your voice resonates.

Unfortunately, too many artists water down their authentic selves by dulling their colors and muting their sound in an attempt to reach the greatest number of people.

The only way to attract true fans is by making real music and by standing for something that's true to who you are.

An authentic, empowered artist is like a powerful lighthouse shining a fiery, concentrated light in one direction.

That bright light is like a magnet that will attract your true fans, your tribe.

There'll be many who won't be attracted to that light which is totally normal because the goal is to find your tribe, not to collect random people who don't truly connect with your point of view.

An artist who waters down her authentic sound is another kind of lighthouse - one that shines a very dull light in all directions.

Her energy might attract a few casual fans but won't attract a tribe of passionate fans.

The only way to find your tribe is by being true to yourself.

So shine your light as brightly as you can - your tribe will find you.