What You Don't See

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The real secrets to success lie behind all of those things that we don’t see.

When someone becomes successful, we see the fame, the respect, the attention, the financial rewards and the admiration.

Many believe the hype, that this person has been blessed with awe-inspiring talent and unwavering confidence.

The halo of success makes it look like this person was destined to be successful, admired and famous.

What we don’t see is everything it took for this person to become successful.

We don’t see how insecure she was and how hard she had to work to build her confidence.

We don’t see the countless, thankless hours spent honing her skills and her craft.

We don’t see the years of nonstop rejection she faced until she finally had her moment to shine.

We don’t see how many people discouraged her from following her path and instead pushed her to take the safer path.

We don’t see all of the big opportunities that were so close but never really panned out.

We don’t see the broken promises.

Instead of admiring the fame and fortune that results when someone becomes successful, let’s admire the unwavering commitment, relentless grit and extraordinary courage that it took to achieve success in the first place.