A Dream Without a Plan is Like Fire Without Oxygen

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Without oxygen, there is no fire.

Without a plan, a dream is an inconsequential vision locked in the dreamer’s mind.

A dreamer dreams.

She can see something in her mind’s eye that no one else can see.

She can see something that isn’t yet real.

The difference between a dream that has a chance at becoming a reality and one that doesn’t is the presence of a plan.

If your dream is important enough to you, you’ll attach a plan to it.

You’ll start thinking strategically about what it’ll take to make it come true, you’ll start thinking backwards from your end goal and you’ll come up with an action plan to get you there.

Once you have a roadmap, you’ll have the clarity and confidence needed to start taking massive action toward making your dream a reality.

I don’t believe in empty dreams without plans.

I believe in big, bold dreams that are important enough that they have plans and massive action attached to them.