Freedom (100th Blog Post)

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When I realized that this was to be my 100th blog post, I thought long and hard about what my ultimate goal is for everyone who reads my blog.

The main goal of my blog is artist empowerment.

And the ultimate goal of artist empowerment is freedom.

So fundamentally, freedom is the goal I want for each and every one of you.

Freedom to follow the calling that resonates deep within your soul.

Freedom to live life on your own terms.

Freedom to create to your heart’s content.

Freedom to fulfill your ultimate potential.

Freedom to become the best version of yourself.

Freedom from the chokehold of your fears.

Freedom from the heavy chains of self-doubt and the opinions of smaller minds.

Freedom to own your power, to harness your power and to unleash your power.

In a sense, words are just words because only you can do what it takes to empower yourself.

Only you can rebel against every single force in society that’s pushing you back towards the middle, toward the well-worn, safer path of mediocrity.

In another sense, words have the power to inspire massive action and change the course of our lives.

In a single moment, the words we read can change how we think which can change what we do which can ultimately change the trajectory of our lives.

My hope that, in some way, my words inspire you, make you think bigger, give you permission to follow the calling of your soul and give you the tools to empower yourself, to live the life of your dreams and to achieve the ultimate goal of freedom.