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When contemplating our goals, we often focus on the resources that we don’t have.

There are two kinds of resources: external and internal.

We wish we had more external resources including better equipment, more connections, a better team, more money and a better plan.

We also wish we had more internal resources - more courage, talent, motivation, energy and drive.

Ironically, having less resources is often better because the less we have, the more skilled we become at making the best of what we do have.

When you don’t have a $15,000 guitar, you have to learn how to make your $300 guitar sound incredible.

When you don’t have a $1,000,000 marketing budget, you have to learn how to get your music out there with your $100 budget.

By having to make the most of your limited resources, you’re learning important lessons and developing skills that someone with unlimited resources would have never learned or developed.

It’s not what you have that will make you successful, it’s what you do with what you have.