The Director Vs. The Spectator

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Imagine you’re sitting in a theater watching a movie where you’re the main character.

As the movie progresses, you’re watching yourself responding to and reacting to all that happens around you.

You’re a spectator watching yourself going through the plot on autopilot.

For so many, this is the way they view their lives and their careers - they feel like spectators with no power to shape the story.

Now imagine yourself as the director of the same movie.

As the director, you set the intention, the story arc, how the plot will unfold and ultimately how it will all come together into a unified vision.

While shooting this film, you will inevitably encounter hundreds of obstacles.

As difficult as they may be to overcome, you embrace them as a part of your story because all stories worth telling involve heroes who have the courage to rise above their fears and overcome great obstacles.

You get to be the director in your life and not just a spectator watching and reacting to what’s happening in front of you.

Artist empowerment is all about living with intention and taking back the power to write and shape your story.

We don’t have to be spectators in our own lives and careers - we can take back our power to direct them.