What You Allow Into Your Mind Determines Your Future

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Imagine two artists, Artist A and Artist B.

Artist A spends most of her time with negative friends who complain about what they don’t have, how bad their circumstances are, how everyone around them is evil and how they have no power to change their lives.

Artist A doesn’t read any inspiring books or blogs, watches TV impulsively and spends hours a day on social media comparing herself to others.

Artist B spends most of her time with positive friends who challenge her to become her best self, to become more grateful, to take on life’s challenges with inner strength and grace, who have a healthy view that the world is fundamentally a good place and who feel empowered to improve their own lives by pursuing worthwhile dreams.

Artist B also reads inspiring books and blogs, listens to podcasts that energize her, goes to seminars that motivate her by giving her the tools to become her best self and uses social media to build her authentic brand.

Regardless of any other factors, who’s more likely to succeed?

The quality of the people you spend the most time with will determine the quality of your life.

Your 5 closest people and the quality of your relationships with them will be one of the most powerful factors that determine your future.

Spend time with people who encourage you, who energize you, who accelerate your growth and who are also empowering themselves.

Read books and blogs that inspire you, listen to podcasts that expand your mind and don’t allow others to project their negative view of the world and their victim mentality upon you.

When you take charge of what you allow into your mind and who you spend your time with, your life changes.