The Power of Commitment

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To a certain degree, we all fear commitment.

Committing to one course of action means that we're saying no to countless others.

Committing yourself to a long-term goal means putting yourself out there, opening yourself up to criticism and all of the inevitable obstacles that come with the journey.

Finally, committing yourself means opening yourself up to the possibility of failure.

What's the alternative to committing?

It's doing twenty different things without ever being great at any one of them.

It's sitting on the sidelines waiting for perfect timing, which doesn't exist.

It's sticking to the "safe path" and living a life that's less than extraordinary.

Because the fear of failure is so strong, very few people ever truly commit to a long term goal.

There's true power in commitment, in saying: "I will become a thriving, empowered artist and will do whatever it takes to get there."

There's true power in walking through your fear of failure - you'll come out the other side stronger than you could have ever imagined.

The moment you truly commit, you'll unleash an unstoppable force inside of you, a force that'll propel you toward the future that you've been dreaming of.