Play to Your Strengths

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Every artist has a strength zone, an area in which she naturally excels.

Every artist also has areas which could be improved upon.

The trick is to spend a majority of your time in your strength zone, making yourself stronger in those areas and shining a light on those talents that come most naturally to you.

The rest of your time should be spent improving upon those areas that may not be your strengths but are necessary to becoming great.

How do you know what your strengths are?

One way is to pay attention to how people respond to you and your work - they'll usually reveal both your strenghts and the areas which need improvement.

Because it's so hard to see yourself clearly, it often takes a team of people who you trust who can help you see both your strengths and weaknesses in an unbiased way.

Each artist is a powerful combination of innate talents, unique life experiences, compelling strengths and beautiful vulnerabilities.

When you spend most of your time playing to your strengths and the rest of the time improving upon that which needs improvement, you will shine.