Embrace That Which Makes You Unique

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There's only one you and there will only ever be one you.

You're the only person who has your unique combination of talents, strengths, vulnerabilities, life experiences and point of view.

It's not only pointless for an artist to try to be somebody else, it's also inauthentic.

An artist who's trying to be someone else is unlikely to connect with an audience because people are generally very good at sensing when someone isn't authentic.

When you honor that which makes you different, you tap into your true power.

Your uniqueness can arise out of any combination of qualities that you may possess - the smoky tone of your voice, the colorful words that drip from your pen, your edgy sense of style or the causes that you care so passionately about.

There are so many artists out there who are trying be "the next "Adele" or "the next Lauren Hill."

But there's only one Adele and there's only one Lauren Hill and they became who they are by staying true to themselves, honoring that which makes them unique and never trying to imitate anyone else.

People will always be attracted to and yearn for authenticity because it's so compelling and it's so rare.

There's only one you - honor that which makes you different and own it.