Surviving Criticism

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So often, artists work so hard on themselves and their art, putting their hearts and souls into their work, only to be completely broken down and completely defeated by a single negative and discouraging comment.

The same sensitivity that often gives rise to the best art can also be an artist's undoing if she lets other people's criticism and judgement get the best of her.

Not everyone is going to like your art because people are different and art that resonates deeply with one group of people will always be judged negatively by another group of people.

Accepting this fact is the first step to effectively handling criticism and negativity.

The second fact to accept is that not everything you create is going to be a masterpiece that resonates with a large group of people - sometimes what you thought was great might not resonate and that's a part of the artist's journey.

What's important is to gather many opinions from people you trust, from people who you feel will be brutally honest with you and who have only the best intentions for you.

Once you gather these opinions, look for patterns and learn from them.

The lesson here is simple but it isn't easy: don't let the discouraging words and judgement of others defeat you.

If they're coming from people who have the best intentions for you, look for patterns and learn from them.

If they're coming from haters, the best way to silence them is to keep growing, keep learning, keep creating and keep empowering yourself because pretty soon, their voices will be drowned out by the ferocious applause that true greatness brings.