The Hardest Part of Any Journey

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Any journey worth taking is a long journey - all of the best things we want out of life take a long time, require consistent effort and will test the resolve of even the strongest and most inspired adventurer.

When you start any new journey, the beginning is always the most exciting.

Everything is fresh.

Everything is new.

You feel motivated and inspired, all the time.

You feel as if nothing can stop you.

This period can last weeks, even months.

The next phase, the middle phase, is the most important and often the most difficult phase of any journey.

This is when you've barely crossed the foothills of the mountain and your legs ache, the air you breathe gets thinner, the fog gets thicker and you start to question yourself and the path you're on.

This is where most people quit and run back down the mountain, back toward the safety of the flatlands, their comfort zone.

Very few people have the hunger, the drive and the determination to fight against every instinct within themselves that tells them to turn back.

This is the point at which most artists fail, they quit too soon, often right before a huge break was going to come their way.

Unable to muster up the courage and strength to keep going, they choose the easy path, shrinking back into a life of complacency and comfort. 

But if you find a way to motivate yourself to keep going in this middle phase, you will gain momentum, which is a powerful force that will propel you to the top.

It isn't how brightly you burn at the start, it's how long you can keep the flame going that will determine whether or not you achieve your wildest dreams.