The Hobbyist Vs. The Professional

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There's a huge difference between a hobbyist and a professional.

Hobbyists create when they feel like creating - professionals create every single day, regardless of how they feel.

Hobbyists improve only when they feel like it - professionals work daily on a never-ending path toward self-improvement.

Hobbyists aren't committed to long-term goals - professionals are committed to clearly defined long-term goals.

Hobbyists have a lot to say about what they're doing and what others are doing - professionals have little time to talk because they're too busy working to make their dreams a reality.

Hobbyists think of themselves as artists who only need to concern themselves with their craft - professionals know that developing their craft is only half the battle and work equally hard on growing and nurturing their audience.

Hobbyists let life-changing opportunities pass them by - professionals are so attuned to their long-term goals that they never waste any opportunities that could push them forward.

Hobbyists have dreams - professionals take massive action every single day toward their goals.

Hobbyists are paralyzed by their fears - professionals feel the same fear but choose to create anyway, every single day.

Hobbyists let discouraging setbacks derail them from their path - professionals see every obstacle as a part of the journey, learn the lessons they need to learn and come back stronger after each setback.

The empowered artist is a professional, not a hobbyist.