Wear Your Scars With Pride

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Throughout your life, one thing you can count on is the fact that you will encounter adversity.

There'll be certain soul-crushing challenges you'll face that'll seem impossible to overcome.

In those moments, it's hard to see the horizon when the fog is so thick that you can't breathe.

These are the moments that'll teach you the most - they'll reveal what you're made of.

They'll teach you how to get a grip on the heavy emotions that accompany adversity - fear, disappointment, sadness and anger.

They'll teach you how to be resourceful when you feel you have no resources.

Most importantly, they'll teach you that you have the ability to rise above the most dire and seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Knowing that you're capable of overcoming such adversity builds resilience and confidence so that you'll be even better equipped to handle the next set of challenges that life will throw at you.

Someone who's been through adversity is so much more interesting, resilient, grateful, resourceful and so much stronger than someone sheltered from adversity who's been handed everything on a silver platter.

So wear your scars with pride - your scars are what make you strong.