The Art of the Capture

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One of the most important habits of an empowered artist is capturing anything and everything that could fuel one's creativity.

Because memory is fleeting, capturing any and all sparks of inspiration is critical.

Your phone or notebook is one of the most important weapons in your creative arsenal.

When you're having dinner with friends and someone shares a chilling story of heartbreak - capture it.

When you're watching a TV show and the actor says a line that moves you - capture it.

When you're driving and a random lyric comes into your head - capture it.

When you're listening to a song and you start improvising a melody during the long instrumental intro - capture it.

When you read a novel that tears your heart to pieces - capture it.

When you come up with a fresh metaphor out of the blue - capture it.

When you're jamming - capture it.

When your heart breaks - capture it.

When your heart bursts with joy - capture it.

By capturing anything and everything that inspires you, no possible gems will ever be lost and you'll have an overflowing well of ideas ready for when you'll need them.