13 Social Media Tips For Artists

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Be yourself - show us the real you.

Be consistent - post regularly, on a consistent schedule.

Create and share quality content that resonates - make sure what you post is both true to who you are and also resonates with your followers.

Support other artists - encourage your peers.

Work it - hustle, engage.

Don't forget the "social" in "social media" - when you find like-minded people who share your values, take the relationship to the next level by getting to know them offline.

Tag intelligently and appropriately - find and use relevant hashtags to broaden the exposure of your posts.

Give more than you receive - take a genuine interest in others and engage with their posts even if you don't receive anything in return.

Earn your following, don't buy your following - nothing turns people off more than someone who "cheats" the system and buys followers.

Remember that the quality of your followers matters more than the quantity - work hard to attract the right kind of follower and don't be obsessed with numbers.

Be resilient - you have to keep going despite the fact that there'll be long periods of time when your hard work won't produce any immediate tangible results.

Show gratitude - when someone is kind to you on social media, always be appreciative and reciprocate their kindness.

Be patient - it's a marathon, not a sprint.