Your Mindset is the Master of Your Emotions

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We often think of our emotions as states of mind which are out of our control, as inevitable feelings that simply wash over us.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Your mindset, your underlying set of beliefs, are what fuel your emotions and as such, if you change your mindset, you can change your emotional response. 

Two people can experience the exact same event and have completely different emotional reactions. 

The reason they have completely different reactions is because they have different underlying beliefs that guide them.

For example, two artists each release a song and their fans don’t react to the song as well as they had hoped.

One artist is crushed, completely devastated by the event, wondering if he should just give up.

The second artist, while disappointed, doesn’t let it get the best of her - she immediately picks up her guitar and starts writing her next song.

Both artists have a set of underlying beliefs that determine their emotional responses.

The first artist believes that his self-worth is determined by how others perceive his art, that any form of rejection is a sign that he isn’t good enough, that failure is something to be avoided at all costs and that he is powerless.

The second artist believes that failure is necessary on the path to success, that you can’t learn unless you try, that one obstacle isn’t the end of the journey and that she ultimately has the power to determine the course of her life.

Two artists, same situation, two completely different emotional reactions which lead to completely different actions which result in two very different outcomes.

That’s the power of your mindset - it’s the foundation of your success.

An empowered artist works hard to condition her mindset daily, challenging those underlying beliefs that hold her back while reinforcing the ones that serve her.

Get your mindset right and everything else falls into place because your mindset is the master of your emotions and your emotions determine your actions which determine your future.