Set Your Art Free, Set Yourself Free

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The moment you release your work of art into the world, in a sense, it no longer belongs to you.

What was once yours and yours alone is no longer yours.

You’ve spent days, weeks, months and even years creating it, and the moment you put it out there, it’s gone.

It now belongs to the world.

While the moment before release is often the most frightening moment, it can also be the most liberating.

Putting out a work of art often feels like a literal release, a release of control, and ideally, a release of expectations.

You’ve done your best and that, in and of itself, is enough.

When you let go of expectations, the whole process becomes that much more liberating and enjoyable.

The fact that you poured your heart and soul into your art and had the courage to put yourself out there is a huge success, in and of itself.

Once your work of art is out there, it’s literally and figuratively out of your hands.

Let go of any and all expectations and enjoy the ride.

When you set your art free, you set yourself free as well.