The Professional vs. The Amateur

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The amateur creates art only when she feels like it, the professional is prolific and creates art consistently.

The amateur shows up when she feels like it, the professional is always on time.

The amateur is satisfied with where she is regarding her skills, the professional takes action every single day to improve upon her skills.

The amateur gives in to fear and procrastinates, the professional takes action despite her fear.

The amateur doesn’t take her personal growth seriously, the professional is deliberate regarding all aspects of self-improvement.

The amateur doesn’t write down her goals, the professional does.

The amateur waits until inspiration strikes, the professional works day in day out regardless of how inspired she feels.

The amateur is very loose and unorganized in all aspects of her business dealings, the professional is very methodical and organized.

The amateur talks a big talk and doesn’t always follow through, the professional is true to her word and always follows through on her promises. 

The amateur believes that most outcomes and events are outside her control, the professional is empowered and knows that she, and only she, is responsible for her success.

If you want to be a professional artist, you have to act like a professional.